Budget Authentic Sauna for Home and Outdoor Areas

A home sauna is one of the best concepts to enrich your house with luxury. It helps you in building a space where you can relax whenever you want. In addition, it offers an excellent place to spend some self-care hours in your home. However, affording this luxury means spending a good chunk of your hard-earned money. Therefore, you must pay an extraordinary amount to shop for authentic Sauna online in Scotland. But worry not because, in this blog, we will give you a few tips to help build your authentic Sauna under budget.

Choose the right location

Location plays a very crucial role in deciding the budget of your Sauna. For example, suppose you are considering building a traditional type of outdoor Sauna, then your expenditure will be more. Similarly, building a sauna inside your home can also be costly if you work on the space from scratch.

Moreover, there will also be other expenses for your conventional dry Sauna. Such as you will need a power source for the heater, the installation cost, aesthetics, etc. You might think that saving money on this expense is impossible because it all seems like the necessary requirements.

However, there are a few tricks, like going for an infrared sauna instead of a conventional one, because it is cheaper. The electricity consumption rate is also low in infrared Sauna, which makes the overall pricing less than the previous one. Also, if you plan to set the Sauna inside, you can choose your basement or any other empty room instead of creating an entirely new space.

Building material

The type of wood used to build your Sauna also determines its cost. Wood material like cedar is considered premium, so that it will cost you more. However, you also need to look at other aspects like decay issues, thermal comfort, or the aroma of the wood. Don't compromise the quality over saving a few bucks because it will not be a good decision in the long term. Using low-quality cheap wood can result in inflammation and decay soon.

Cedar is an expansive wood material, but it offers a complete return on your investment. It is suitable for managing moisture along with offering good insulation. If you want to go for a much cheaper yet sturdy material, then you can for options like basswood, hemlock, etc. For instance, the hemlock has meager resistance against decay. Sometimes fresh cut hemlock might smell a bit sour.

You also need to check the flooring as well as the ventilation options. You can use an air filter at a lower altitude or implement a complete ventilation system. The complete system will offer effective results, but it will also be costlier.


Whether creating an indoor sauna or an outdoor sauna, aesthetics will be necessary. However, if you plan to create a space where you can spend a few relaxing hours, you must be careful about the decorations. This will help you create a decorative element in the Sauna without spending much on aesthetics. As a thumb rule, you can for neutral colors. However, you may not want to implement very bright colors inside the Sauna. It is because bright colors can give an unsettling feeling sometimes.

Adding a large glass door or window will be a great idea if you are building an outdoor sauna around your pool. You will get a mouse view while enjoying it. If you are going for an indoor sauna, focus on the lighting. It should not be too bright but not too mild to create a gloomy look. Lighting is one of the cost-effective ways of decorating your Sauna.

You can also add a few pots or artifacts. However, make sure to choose anti-heating material which can withstand high temperatures. Also, make sure to implement a double-pane structure on the doors and windows to avoid any breach in the insulation.

Size of Sauna

The size of the Sauna also matters a lot because it will help you save a lot of money if done right. It depends upon how many people are going to use the Sauna. For a home sauna, it should be at least big enough to serve three persons at once. Don't forget, and there should be no body contact between the people while using the Sauna. You also need to consider that.

You can go as large as you want. However, the measure dedicates at least 60 cm to each person for a budget-friendly structure. The sauna height needs to be around 7 feet to maintain the heat insulation properly. If you are making a small sauna and want to save space, then make two elevated benches instead of just one.

This will help you in using maximum space. Moreover, it will also offer a temperature range. The lower benches will have lower temperatures than the upper benches because of air pressure.


The best way to find an excellent budget-friendly sauna is by exploring all your options. Don't jump on the first step that you like. Instead, search for different options in different categories. Then, you can Google your different options and get a bunch of them.

You will surely need to choose a few features while leaving a few behinds. To do this, you must see which feature works the best for you. Start by making two lists as 'must haves' and 'nice to have. Now write separately the things considered the bare minimum for you in a sauna.

Then, write the things that you will feel as add-ons. This will help you prioritize as per your budget. For instance, you want a window view in your outdoor Sauna. It can be a necessity for you. But making that window from cedar wood with aesthetic ornamentation will be good to have but not necessary if you are overspending the budget.


You can follow the earlier tips to shop for authentic Sauna online in Scotland under a budget. They will help you in getting an affordable price over a good sauna. You should explore your options and compare them for their price. The Sauna's size and material are also significant in determining its price.