Which is better, traditional or infrared?

It is really personal choice. We have an affordable, reliable, traditional residential sauna that can be set up in less than 2 hours with no need for hard wiring/plumbing or hassle.

There is ongoing debate about which is best. Ie Sauna X will extract more toxins than sauna Y. In truth both will have produce much the same result. You get in, you sweat, you relax, you feel good. The main differences are, in a traditional sauna, typically

  • Its hotter
  • You need less sauna time
  • Humidity can be controlled
  • Wooden structure adds to the aroma
  • Essence oils can be added

We have tried both. We prefer traditional. Most commercial saunas are traditional, its the experience you expect when you hear the word sauna. We feel traditional saunas are poorly represented on the residential market limiting sauna users who prefer the stove and stones experience.

Traditional saunas are over three times more popular than infrared saunas. In Finland, the sauna capital of the world, they choose traditional saunas over infrared saunas almost 98% of the time (source)

Is there limited stock?

Yes due to the huge increase in shipping times, raw materials lead times and rapidly increasing material costs we have limited stock available until March next year. Prices are likely to increase in Q2 of 2022. We like to keep our saunas as affordable as possible but with shipping costs increasing month on month it is difficult to absorb.

 How long will my sauna take to arrive?

Your sauna will typically arrive via pallet courier within 2-3 days. You will need to be present to sign for and unload the delivery. Pallet deliveries are kerbside only meaning the driver is not insured to help you get the sauna inside. If you have arranged for delivery and installation, we will make sure you are home to show us where you want the sauna installed and what time and date suits you best.

Do you ship to GB?

No, we cannot ship to GB. Our partners at CYC Fitness handle all GB sales. You can contact gary@cycfitness.co.uk or visit their website at  https://www.cycfitness.co.uk/shop/saunas/54

How does the packaged sauna look upon arrival?

Our saunas arrive via pallet courier in 4 boxes. Each box must be carefully transported inside where installation will take place. We recommend 2 people lift each box with care.

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How do I install my sauna?

Link to video

Can I pay for installation?

Yes, we can deliver and install saunas. We will offer you times and dates for installation after you have completed your order. All saunas are in stock so there are no lead-times. Installation time and date will depend on our delivery schedule at the time.

Can I collect my sauna

Yes, saunas can be collected at our warehouse. If you want to collect your sauna you MUST contact us on 07840382955 to arrange collection. If you have not pre-arranged collection, you will not get access to the site. We need time to prepare your order.  Saunas must be paid for before collection. Cash will not be accepted.

Can I see a sauna before buying?

Yes, you can come and view a sauna and see it operating. This can be arranged via our contact us page.

Can I return my sauna if I am not happy?

If you are not happy with the sauna you can return it. No refunds will be issued until the sauna is returned and tested by our team. Saunas will be returned at your expense. Your refund will be issued within 30 days of us successfully testing the returned sauna. Any goods returned should be in saleable condition. If a member of our install team is in your area, we can arrange for the sauna to be lifted.

My sauna is damaged, can I get a replacement part?

Yes, we will need a video and images of the damaged part. Damaged parts must be returned prior to receiving the replacement. We will fix or replace any damaged parts as quickly as possible.

What warranty do I get with my sauna?

Yes, we offer a 2-year warranty with all saunas. Two years from date of purchase. Covers structure, electrics and heater. Does not cover small accessories like egg timer, water bucket, spoon, rubber door seal, door handle and minor settlements/cracks on the panels. Saunas are strictly for indoor residential use only. If the sauna is in working order ie heating up and holding heat we will not deem it returnable.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal use of this product, and shall not apply to the following, including, but not limited to: damage which occurs in shipment; delivery and installation; applications and uses for which this product was not intended; altered product or serial numbers; cosmetic damage or exterior finish; accidents, abuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature; use of products, equipment, systems, utilities, services, parts, supplies, accessories, applications, installations, repairs, external plumbing and leaks, external wiring, circuit breakers, fuses or connectors not supplied and authorised by Atlantic Saunas, or which damage this product or result in service problems; incorrect electrical line voltage, fluctuations, and surges; customer adjustments and failure to follow operating instructions, cleaning, maintenance and environmental instructions that are covered and prescribed in the instruction book; consumable items including light bulbs. Atlantic Saunas shall not be liable for the loss of use of the sauna or other incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall Atlantic Saunas or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damages to any properties. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Atlantic Saunas uses the highest quality wood in our product lines. All structures using wood are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing. This is normal and will not affect the integrity or operation of your sauna. Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after being manufactured into a sauna. Variations in the colour or grain, and irregularities such fine cracks are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way should be considered defects. During normal operation, wood may crack slightly due to the changes in moisture level. This will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna. Prior to shipping, the wood is inspected for consistency, colour and quality. Our saunas are shipped around the globe, and can experience slight blemishes, scratches or scuffs in transit. In most cases, these blemishes on the exterior of the sauna can be concealed by using a small amount of furniture polish, oil or other furniture treatment. The interior blemishes, scratches, or scuffs can be either left alone, sanded or combination of gluing plus sanding. Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol.

Attention: Shipping damage must be notated on the driver's delivery note Atlantic Saunas must be notified of any damage to your sauna within three (3) business days of signing the delivery note. Failure to notify Atlantic Saunas within the established time frame will result in the owner taking full responsibility for cost of ALL REPLACEMENT PARTS including shipping and handling fees. Your statutory rights are not affected

My egg timer is stuck, can I get a replacement

Yes, let us know and we will send out a replacement.

Should i use a towel in the sauna,

Following proper sauna etiquette can reduce the amount of time spent cleaning your sauna. Using absorbent bath or beach towels help reduce stains caused by perspiration, dirt, and sweat. Towels control for the natural excess perspiration that occurs in saunas from staining the wood. They keep your sauna looking new and clean. Place fresh towels on benches and floors each time someone uses the sauna and remember to bring a personal towel to dry and exfoliate your own skin. Remember to always use fresh towels with each use. Stains that result from perspiration are expected and can be treated with household dish soap, water, and a little elbow grease.

How do I clean my sauna?

With the use of your sauna will come the need to clean it after some time, we recommend cleaning once a month under regular or somewhat frequent use. Clean saunas are the most effective and provide the most return on your investment. If you do happen to track dirt in your sauna, you can remove stains using a mild dish detergent mixed with warm water. To keep your sauna smelling fresh, mop the floors with a chemical-free, mild-detergent.

Your sauna should not be operating or producing heat while you’re cleaning. Physical activity within a sauna, while the sauna is producing heat, can cause additional strain on the body and is not recommended while cleaning. Additionally, household cleaning chemicals can react differently when exposed to high temperatures and the inhalation of fumes related to household chemicals is a cause for serious concern, do not clean your sauna while it is running. While cleaning, ensure your sauna door remains open to ensure fresh air circulation. Delay your next use of the sauna until it has been properly restored and the area is dry and free of residual chemicals.

Can I pour water on the stones in my sauna?

Yes we recommend adding water slowly and gradually to achieve the desired humidity. You MUST let the sauna get to full heat before introducing water.

Sauna heaters have been designed to produce steam by adding water on the sauna rocks. The question is whether you want the humid hot temperature feeling or a dry hot heat feeling?  It is just a matter of choice.

When adding water to the rocks of the sauna be careful not to add too much at once and be sure to use a sauna ladle. The steam is very hot, and a steam burn can happen quickly to bare skin. You also do not want to pour too much water on a sauna heater that will result in the water cooling off the rocks quickly reducing the heat in the sauna. If you are adding water to a sauna heater, be sure to consider excess water and drainage of water that does not evaporate.

Water on a sauna heater is a matter of choice. However, one should mention that putting water on sauna heater may potentially reduce the life of the sauna element. This is typically why in commercial environments the owner's do not want you to put water on the sauna rocks.

Can I use oils on the stones in my sauna

Yes you can add oils to the water you are using to create the desired aroma. One of the additional benefits of traditional over infrared

Can I use my sauna outside

No – under no circumstance can the sauna be used outside. Saunas must be installed in an insulated building ie home or commercial premises.

Can I eat and drink in my sauna

No we do not recommend eating or drinking the sauna other than water for hydration.

Can I use this sauna in a commercial premises

These are primarily residential saunas. The sauna may withstand light commercial use due to our quality heaters being extremely robust however we cannot extend our warranty to commercial use due to the unsupervised/unaccountable nature that comes with commercial users.

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