Top 10 Tips for Finding & Buying the Best Home Sauna Online

Having a home sauna can be one of the best parts of your home. Not only does it offers complete luxury but also provides a great way of relaxing. However, choosing the right option is always a tricky task. The scope for any mistake is negligible because it is huge money to invest. That's why you must want to get it right in one go. So worry not. Here, we will discuss the top 10 tips for buying the best home sauna online in Scotland. These tips will help you understand your requirements and availability of options more comprehensive manner. Let's begin!

Traditional or infrared?

When you think about sauna, what comes to your mind? Maybe a warm relaxing room to rejuvenate yourself. However, technology has changed and evolved the saunas too. This means other than the traditional saunas, there are now infrared saunas. They both have good points and bad. So let's compare them.

The main difference is the technology they use to provide the effect of a sauna. Traditional sauna helps you in achieving higher temperatures for vast spaces. You can create them in indoor as well as outdoor settings. They can deliver the temperature around 185-195 Fahrenheit. They work upon heating the air to provide the effect. You will need to have a sprinkler. Otherwise, it feels scorched. You can add rocks and sprinkle water over them to get a more natural effect. The preheating time consumes around 30 to 40 minutes.

On the other hand, infrared saunas offer a body-penetrating heating effect. These are only for indoor applications. The temperature of infrared saunas can range between 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit. They help in enhancing the core temperature, which brings more sweating. The primary working technology is Electromagnetic radiation and electric field in this type of sauna.


Don't forget to check the requirements for maintenance of the sauna. Try to choose one with better durability, so you don't need to put much effort into keeping it well.

Budget of your sauna

Budget can be considered a very crucial aspect for making your choice of the best sauna. The pricing depends upon the specifications that you choose in it. The cost of timber or equipment can alter the price significantly. Mainly the pricing for a home sauna for sale online in Scotland starts from $2000, which can go up to $7000 per your choice of specifications. The premium models can even cost around $10,000. If you are tight on budget, opt for infrared saunas instead of choosing traditional saunas.

The cost of a traditional sauna increases because of the installation cost. Try to make a list of features that you must want in your sauna. Then, make a list of the features that you would like to have but are not necessary. This will help you in deciding for choosing a suitable model which also fits into your budget.

Size of the sauna

The size of the sauna is also crucial as it determines the price and set-up. You can also find portable home saunas. They also come in different shapes. They are available for 2-person units or larger units for around 6 people. The cabin size also changes accordingly. To determine the size, you need to see the availability of space. If you set up your indoor sauna, the size limitation will be more prominent.

Frequency of use

The user frequency also needs to be considered while choosing the proper sauna. Remember to at least keep 60cm of space for each person attending the sauna. Small saunas can feel congested and claustrophobic for some people. This will surely hamper your sauna experience.

Space setting- indoor or outdoor

Space setting will help you understand what kind of design or size you should choose. Suppose you want to make a sauna near the pool, then the features you choose will also differ. With a better view place, you might prefer a glassdoor setting. There are also sauna barrels for outdoor settings. The outdoor setting will be perfect if you choose a traditional sauna.

Exploring your option is one of the best ways to find the home sauna for sale online in Scotland. It will offer you a wide range of options to select from. You can start by Googling, or you may contact your knowns who have a sauna. This way, you may connect with a reliable and pre-tested service. On the internet, you can also contact the service providers and ask them for further details. It will help you differentiate your options better. If you are out of ideas for creating suitable sauna spaces, then the internet can help you again. For example, you can go with an outdoor patio sauna with a traditional sauna option. You can also choose a wide-pen basement for infrared saunas.

Choose a good sauna dealer

Even the cheapest sauna purchase is going to cost you a lot. That's why you need to be sure about choosing the right quality to get complete ROI. You can search for local vendors on the internet. Local options will help you in getting faster service. In case any issue happens later, then you will be able to get quick customer service support as well. You can also go for training or post-purchase assistance.

Test the sauna

You can also test your sauna before purchasing it. Several sauna dealers offer this arrangement. Again, you get hands-on experience, which helps you decide better which sauna you want to buy.

Wood for sauna

There are different types of wood that are used in the sauna. Some premium woods are hemlock, spruce, cedar, etc. You also get other budget-friendly options like pine, plywood, etc. Of course, you must choose the wood correctly to avoid splintering later.

Try to choose timber with dense softwood. This will avoid overheating. You can also use scented timber like spruce and poplar for a rich feel.

Home sauna for sale online Scotland can help you get a rich experience at home. However, to finalize the proper sauna, you must check all the required aspects mentioned above. It will help you in getting complete ROI on your purchase.