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Infrared Snug

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Infrared Snug 


Our infrared snug offers a slightly more bathing space than our traditional snug due to not requiring a stove. We have included a lot of "optional add-ons" as standard on our infrared snug as we want it to offer the optimal bathing experience. These include

Carbon heaters, use less energy than ceramic heaters and have a lower surface temperature. Easy-use dual digital control panel for simple operation. And we have included an oxygen Ionizer and therapy light to enhance the relaxation experience. 

Dimensions:1200m x 1200mm x 1900mm

Capacity: 2 people

Dual digital control panel

Heater type: Carbon fibre heater x 8 

Operating temperature:18-65℃

Power: 1.92KW

Wood material: Canadian hemlock 

Package: 2 packages

Oxygen Ionizer: Yes