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K2 Manual

Note: When starting the K2, the water pump switch must be turned on first, and then the chiller switch. When shutting down, the chiller switch must be turned off first, and then the water pump switch. Failure to turn the pump on before the chiller will cause the machine to freeze. 

Cold recovery tub with built-in chiller. 

Stainless steel insert

Red Ceder details

Built-in chiller 

Water pump

Paper Filter - changeable 

Steel mesh filter - Needs cleaned frequently 

Ozone Sterilisation

Single weatherproof unit - Ideally outdoor machines will be covered with a canopy or some form of shelter to protect them from the elements. 

2100mm x 900mm x 1050mm 

Freezing Temperatures - When the outside temperature reaches below freezing you must keep the pump running and the lid over the water to stop it from freezing over.