Atlantic Saunas


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Barrel Tub including chiller

Weatherproof board exterior

Stainless Steel Interior

Chiller included

840mm Wide x 1000mm high


Lid included

Needs assembled


Chiller for use with our Mono and Duo models 

240v plug - suitable for any UK plug

Cooling and heating function

Built-in filtration and circulation pump.

Range 3 degrees to 42 degrees 

Power  710W

Cooling Time 200L - 4.2 hours - 23 degrees to 3 degrees. A lower starting temperature will require less time. - If using outdoors cooling times can vary dramatically depending on the outside temperature/ sunlight etc

Weight 35kg

WIFI - APP controlled 

  • Built-in self priming circulating pump with built-in filter.
  • Built-in Ozone disinfection device.
  • Adjustable temperature control from 3*C up to 42*C.
  • Automatic on/off to save electric and constant temperature system. 
  • Small in size, wheels for transporting
  • One year warranty. 
  • Plug and play convenience – High-efficiency performance. 
  • Simple to use digital temperature control with LCD display.
  • Extremely quiet running